Finding yourself using curl on the command line? Would like a convenient CLI HTTP client? Then look to HTTPie to help you interact with HTTP servers.


From tldr documentation the simplicity is apparent by and large due to the lack of specifying parameters for request type, form values or headers.

A user friendly command line HTTP tool.

 - Send a GET request (default method with no request data):
   http {{}}

 - Send a POST request (default method with request data):
   http {{}} {{hello=World}}

 - Send a POST request with redirected input:
   http {{}} < {{file.json}}

 - Send a PUT request with a given json body:
   http PUT {{}} {{hello=world}}

 - Send a DELETE request with a given request header:
   http DELETE {{}} {{API-Key:foo}}

 - Show the whole HTTP exchange (both request and response):
   http -v {{}}

 - Download a file:
   http --download {{}