JSON with Jackson

REST with OpenAPI

A standardised way in which we describe REST APIs using YAML.

Rapid API with Swagger Editor

Bootstrapping a REST API rapidly (in minutes) with Swagger Editor.

Command Line HTTP with HTTPie

If you work with curl on the command line daily HTTPie would be a great addition to your workflow.

Super charged CLI

Make the CLI work harder for you.

Gradle Cheatsheet

Cheating our way to the holy Gradle.

Deployer for PHP

Task Runner to automate your deployments in PHP.

Flowing with Git Flow

A model defining conventions for source control branching into features, creating releases and hotfixing previously released versions - in a semantic fashion.

Spring Initializr

Rapidly generate Maven or Gradle managed SpringBoot Project Dependencies.

Exporting Sulu PHPCR Content

An overview of the Doctrine PHPCR Shell console command and PHPCR structure with a view to exporting our sites content between environments.

Looking for more depth?

You can read more in-depth articles over on the blog.