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Ghost is a "platform for professional publishers". With over 28,000 stars on Github the platform is, for many, a popular choice.

We can utilise Ghost in two ways:

  • Host our own
  • Go Pro which starts from:
    • $36 per month, monthly
    • $29 per month, annually


We will assume that NVM Node Version Manager is already installed.

Use a supported version of node

If required, install Node v10. nvm install v10.13.0

Instruct NVM to use v10. nvm use v10.13.0

Install Ghost CLI (globally)

npm install ghost-cli -g

We can run ghost help or see the Ghost command reference below to see the features that ghost-cli provides.

Setup your new Ghost instance (locally)

Create a new directory and from within this directory run: ghost install local

Visit your new blog

Should installation go successfully visit your locally running blog.


As a fan of the excellent HTML5UP templates I was pleased to see versions ported to Ghost where Massively is one such template. Installation is as simple as downloading the .zip containing theme contents which I uploaded via the Native Desktop Application by visiting the design tab. The theme is displayed once activated and was all-in-all a simple process.

Native Desktop Application

Ghost provides a desktop application for Mac, Windows, Linux and Android. Visit the Ghost Downloads to install for your operating system of choice.


Ghost Commands

  ghost buster                 Who ya gonna call? (Runs `yarn cache clean`)
  ghost config [key] [value]   View or edit Ghost configuration
  ghost doctor [categories..]  Check the system for any potential hiccups when
                               installing/updating Ghost
  ghost install [version]      Install a brand new instance of Ghost
  ghost log [name]             View the logs of a Ghost instance
  ghost ls                     View running ghost processes
  ghost migrate                Run system migrations on a Ghost instance
  ghost restart                Restart the Ghost instance
  ghost run                    Run a Ghost instance directly (used by process
                               managers and for debugging)
  ghost setup [stages..]       Setup an installation of Ghost (after it is installed)
  ghost start                  Start an instance of Ghost
  ghost stop [name]            Stops an instance of Ghost
  ghost uninstall              Remove a Ghost instance and any related configuration
  ghost update [version]       Update a Ghost instance
  ghost version                Prints out Ghost-CLI version (and Ghost version if one